An Eyesight Trainer App
Powered by Eye Tracking

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How Does It Work?

Eyeye integrates the principles of eye gymnastics into a series of exercises. It uses the TrueDepth camera & sensors on your device to track your eye movements and make sure you’re doing it right.*

* Eye-tracking is only available on devices with Face ID®.

A screenshot shows the app instructs you to turn your eyes clockwise.
A screenshot shows the app instructs you to stare at the red dot and move your device away from you.

Relax Your Eyes

Eyeye helps you improve your vision and reduce eye strain. It’s perfect for people who spend hours focusing on books or screens every day.

Notification from Eyeye: Got a minute? Reduce eye strain in 60 seconds. Let’s do it now.

Build Healthy Habits

Start building eye-caring habits with customizable training schedules & daily reminders to keep your eyes healthy and resilient to stress.

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