Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you show us any scientific proof that the app does what you claim?

A: I’m working on that. However, the exercises the app provides are based on the proven principles of eye gymnastics, which has been around for decades and recommended by experts around the world—do a quick Google search, and you’ll believe me. And yes, I consulted with an ophthalmologist during the early stages of development and made sure I did everything correctly.

Q: Why is using an app on a smartphone to relax eyes better than screen-free alternatives, e.g., keep eyes closed or focused on the distance?

A: Even though eye workouts are not as common as other fitness activities, yet the same principles apply. Let’s say you’ve been sitting at your desk for hours, would it help you relax by standing up for a while or go to sleep? Yes, but what’s going to make you better is hit the gym and start working out! Plus, the app offers rich acoustic and haptic feedback, so you don’t have to look at the screen during exercises once you’re familiar with them.

Q: Does the app collect or upload our facial data or anything else captured by the camera?

A: No, the app only collects a minimum amount of anonymous usage data to improve user experience. Don’t worry, Apple’s ARKit framework handles everything captured by the camera, which is processed locally and never leaves your device. If you don’t believe me, there’re several technical ways to verify that, including intercepting HTTP traffic, etc., or you could use the app without any internet connection—i.e., enable airplane mode and turn off Wi-Fi.

Q: Will there ever be an Android version?

A: That depends. Since the app is built upon Apple’s hardware and software frameworks, making an Android version means that I have to rebuild everything from scratch—and without the eye-tracking feature powered by the TrueDepth camera on iPhones and iPads. That means if there were ever an Android version, it would be one without the most iconic feature that Eyeye has to offer. It’s that something you’d still like to have? Please let me know what you think. I’m open to ideas.